• 2014 September 3
    FENG YUN WU SHUANG Monthly Gross Revenue Surpassed 100 million RMB Within 100 Days After Its Launch!

    FENG YUN WU SHUANG monthly gross revenue surpassed 100 million RMB (over $16 million USD) within 100 days since its launch in Mar.
    2014, setting a new record of taking the shortest time to reach this milestone in Chinese browser gaming industry. It is also surprising to find
    that this title reached a peak of 200,000 concurrent users online, 700,000 daily active users, and over 100 online game operators with more than 7,000 severs released.

    The overseas versions of FENG YUN WU SHUANG also became hot hits especially in Taiwan and Korean market. The Korean version
    reached $1.5 million USD in August 2014. Moreover, not only Mokylin has entered into Western market such as Portugal and Brazil, but also set Russia as its next potential target market, aiming to explore browser game’s blue ocean.

  • 2014 July 30
    Mokylin Founder Chen Mo Speaks About Online Game Trend in CDEC

    China Digital Entertainment Congress (CDEC) was held in Shanghai on July 30, 2014. Twenty seven executives from different gaming
    companies spoke on this event. Mokylin founder Chen Mo raised his opinion on online game’s great times and emphasized that browser-
    based game could realize almost everything that client-based game could. When comparing with Chinese client-based games and mobile
    games whose R&D level leg behind the world level, the high R&D level of browser-based game is what shall make Chinese game industry be proud of. One more important point he mentioned is that the era of browser-based games is coming.

  • 2014 June 23
    Iron Storm (TPS) Official Trailer Released

    The official trailer of Iron Storm was released on its official website. Iron Storm, co-developed by Mokylin Group and Mote Games, is a first
    person shooting warfare game set its background from the post World War II to the Modern Time, crossing over 70 years. When compared
    with the other same genre games, Iron Storm shows faster-paced combats, making the game more fun and exciting. For more information on Iron Strom, check out the official site: http://is.mokylin.com/

  • 2014 February 7
    Da Nao Tian Gong Online January Gross Revenue Surpassed 100 Million RMB

    Adapted from the film Da Nao Tian Gong about Journey to the West: Monkey King’s Story, the browser-based Da Nao Tian Gong Online
    January Gross Revenue achieved more than 100 million RMB (roughly $17 million USD), becoming Baidu Youxi platform’s first title to reach
    this milestone.

  • 2013 December 11
    Zhan Long San Guo November Gross Revenue Surpassed 50 Million RMB

    Zhan Long San Guo surpassed 50 million RMB (over $9 million USD) in gross revenue in November, and has been keeping a steady growth since its launch in November, 2012. Zhan Long San Guo, set in the Chinese history, is an ARPG produced by Mokylin founder Chen Mo, who is also the producer of several famous online games such as Ao Jian, Qin Mei Ren, Da Nao Tian Gong Online, and Long Wen Zhan Yu.

  • 2013 November 11
    Long Wen Zhan Yu Monthly Gross Revenue Surpassed 30 Million RMB

    Long Wen Zhan Yu surpassed 30 million RMB (over $5.5 million USD) in monthly gross revenue, becoming Moylin’s third title to reach this
    milestone. Long Wen Zhan Yu was also developed by Chengdu Molong (one of Mokylin’s game subsidiaries), in which the hot-hit Qin Mei
    Ren had been produced and reached 65 million RMB (roughly $11 million USD) in May this year.

  • 2013 August 20
    Mokylin Group Monthly Gross Revenue Estimated to Reach 120 Million RMB

    The topic about how Mokyliners spent their Chinese Valentine’s Day on August 13 has aroused many famous stars’ interests and involvement and been tweeted over 12 thousand times. The tweet also revealed that Long Wen Zhan Yu monthly gross revenue achieved 20 million RMB (over $4 million USD). It was estimated that Mokylin monthly gross revenue reached 120 million RMB (roughly $20 million USD) when Qin
    Mei Ren and Zhan Long San Guo’s revenue was taken into account.